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Ceragem Master (Massage)

Ceragem Master Massage BedCeragem Master is a therapeutic/massaging bed, that is based on the principles of oriental science.  It combines main techniques of eastern medicine:

1.  Massage

2.  Acupressure

3.  Acupuncture effect

4.  Heat (moxibustion effect)

5.  Far-infrared rays

6.  Jade effect

All of the above techniques have been used in oriental medicine for thousands of years.  The whole concept of oriental medicine is based upon well-being of a human body as a whole rather than trying to cure certain illness or organ.  To better understand this let’s look closer at the principles of wellness from the standpoint of eastern science.  The human body in order to function properly must meet three requirements.

  • The spine as the root of a human body is straight, therefore there is no pressure on spinal cord

  • The flow of QI (chi, energy) is undistributed, and balanced in our bodies

  • Blood circulation is proper, and blood is clean of toxins and other impurities, such as cholesterol

If one or all of the above are not met, that is when our health starts failing.  Simply our bodies, and our immune systems are not strong enough to either prevent or fight diseases.   Therefore, instead of trying to fix, let’s say our liver or heart, in oriental science, doctors treat the whole body, making sure the three principles are met, and balance is restored.  Whether it is an ailing heart, liver, or any other organ, everything is part of a much bigger system, which if strong, can either prevent the illness, or heal with no or very little help.

Ceregem Master uses projectors that consists of two different kinds of light; far-infrared, and helium.  The projector produces heat, and far-infrared rays.  Both are essential in healing process, and especially in detoxification process.  Going back to principles of oriental medicine, clean blood, and proper blood circulation are essential for our well-being.  Heat, and far-infrared rays literally wash the cholesterol, and blood lumps out of our vain, by first dissolving it.  Ceragem Master also helps generate blood from the marrow, which is important, especially for those whose immune systems are weak.  In addition, far-infrared rays have very important ability to shrink down the tissue.  If there is any infection, or inflammation in our system, far-infrared rays have been named “21st century medicine”, for helping our bodies heal without being non-invasive, and without any side effects.

Helium light also help strengthen our immune system by strengthen our white blood cell and also helps produce interferon.  Also, the reason it is part of Ceragem Master is that helium helps far-infrared rays go deeper inside our bodies.  As a concept, the combination of far-infrared, and helium has been invented by German scientists, and incorporation in oriental medicine.

Ceragem Master should not be perceived as a temporary measure to treat, control, or diminish symptoms of a particular condition.  It does, and will (if we let it) cure, or improve our problems but once we are either healed, or improved it is all about maintenance, and prevention.  Daily adjustments of the spine, detoxifying, maintaining blood, and QI circulation results in our bodies being strong, and able to fight, and prevent diseases.